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These terms and conditions relate to all our training and assessment events


Event- An assessment or training course either Sentinel based or non-sentinel based.

Client- The person, Company or Sponsor (Primary or Sub) requesting and completing the event booking.

Candidate(s)- Person(s) attending the event

HSE- Health and Safety Executive

Booking Form- The mandatory form to be filled out, accepted and returned to continue a booking process for an event. Supplied by Richardson Rail Services upon request for an event.

Accepting a booking form- This is done when a client returns a booking form, signed or unsigned, with the intent of a sponsored candidate undertaking an event.

Purchase Order (PO)- Purchase orders (POs) are documents sent from the client (as the buyer) to a Richardson Rail Services with a request for products or services as an order. Only if Terms and conditions have been set up and agreed to by both parties.

Working day- Monday to Friday 09:00 to 15:30

Contested- Oppose (an action, object or theory) as mistaken or wrong.

Payment terms

The Client is liable for payment being settled in the timescales on the invoice and or contesting the invoice in the required timescales as per these terms and conditions regardless if they are the settling the fee or not. If it is the candidate paying, or some other third party, they must ensure payment is settled. By returning (accepting) the booking form this is agreed to.

All invoices must be paid by the time frames stated on the invoices sent to the client from Richardson Rail Services Limited.

If a PO is wanting to be issued then terms and conditions must be set up and agreed upon prior to the event going ahead, Richardson Rail Services cannot accept a PO number unless this has been done.

If an invoice is wanting to be contested for any reason, it must be done within 4 working days of the day of receipt / day of sent. Otherwise the invoice will be assumed to be correct and accepted by the client in line with these terms.

In some circumstance this might be deviated from when agreed upon by both parties with prior notice.

Extra Mileage (over 50 miles travelled) charged at a minimum of 0.60p per mile or at a rate otherwise agreed during in the booking process via email or phone conversations.

Other charges will be added on as required also but prior authorization and discussion will be obtained from the client for these unless its conditions are stipulated in these terms.

Richardson Rail Services will get a debt recovery agency or purse legal action if the need arises for overdue / unpaid invoices. Any charges from this or any other third party charges are the sole responsibility of client to settle.

In line with network rails notification, we assume unless told otherwise that if a candidate is paying themselves the primary sponsor will be reimbursing them within their agreed terms. If we are told otherwise by the candidate, we are obligated to report this breach in line with the RTAS and sentinel rules

Standard terms

Please Ensure that a minimum of two (2) working days’ notice for event bookings to be processed is given.

Booking requests that ask for a specific assessor or trainer cannot be completed to avoid any favouritism; we will randomly allocate a member of staff for an event. If an assessor or trainer is allocated following a request for them this is a coincidence only.

Event requests cannot come from the candidates who are wishing to attend, they must come from their primary sponsor OR a sub sponsor with authorisation from the primary sponsor.

That all supporting paperwork is completed in a timely manner, fully and accurately in such a way that the event booking process is not rushed.

If an event is being held at a client’s premises then suitability of Client on-site training facilities must be agreed prior to event booking.

Candidates are required to comply with HSE arrangements during all courses.

Richardson Rail Services Limited shall not be liable for the provision of any accommodation or subsistence for candidates unless offered in the joining instructions as part of the event.

Bookings will only be accepted and events allowed to go ahead if:

  1. The full purchase price is received by Richardson Rail Services Limited in advance before the start of the event.
  2. A valid purchase order is received by Richardson Rail Services Limited from a company that has an arrangement with us.
  3. Client and candidate are complying with all RISQS, Sentinel and other group rules
  4. All events are being conducted and planned to be conducted in an authentic manor


All our prices are subject to change at any time.

Purchase Orders (PO)

In order for Purchase Orders to be used as a means of payment then the terms and conditions of the buyer (Client) issuing the PO must be first agreed to by Richardson Rails Senior management.

Terms of the PO must stipulate;


If formal terms are not in place then an email (written) agreement can be sufficient.

A valid PO document must be sent and not just providing a PO number when booking an event.

The PO number must also be provided on the booking form before submitting it.

M.D – Rhys Richardson –

Finance Manager – Duncan Richardson –

Acceptance of terms

These terms will be accepted upon a client or company, or companies’ representative e.g. employee / contractor accepting a booking form and / or by verbally accepting the terms directly.

Terms will also be accepted by a client or company and or representative of that client or company by allowing a candidate to undertaker an event or by requesting services or events of any kind from Richardson Rail Services ltd.

A company representative could be any employee who is responsible for booking course for their staff and or is acting as such on during communications with Richardson Rail Services.

The terms will be emailed out on the first communications with a new client, but they are also very readily available online on our website, and via our email footer so it is expected that new clients and existing will have constant access to up-to date terms always.


Once a booking form has been returned by a client this will then be considered as booked (pending payment and return of other documents) but minimal charge will be made where a client cancels an event 14 working days before the event start date.

Number of working days before the start date and cancellation penalty:


Note: Working days are calculated from the next working day following notification to the day prior to the event.

Cancellation must be confirmed in writing (email is acceptable) and a copy retained by the Client for future reference. You will receive acknowledgement and should retain this with a copy of your written cancellation. This is the only method acceptable for verification of the cancellation notice period where this is disputed.


If a candidate does not attend an event, the full event fee remains payable no matter the circumstance unless it was cancelled in line with our terms.

Late arrivals/missed events

If a candidate arrives late for an event or is absent from any session, we reserve the right to refuse to accept them if we feel:

In all such cases, the full event fee remains payable.

Cancellation / Changing of Events by Richardson Rail Services

We reserve the right to change the date of an event without penalty providing the revised event date is within 30 working days of the original start date. A full refund will be offered where the revised event date is greater than 30 working days.

We also reserve the right to cancel an event for any reason without penalty.

Travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the booker or delegate, and no reimbursement can be provided if the scheduled event is cancelled or changed.

we will not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss of work, money, competencies or other that are a direct or indirect result of the event changing date and or being cancelled.

The client should be forward planning and the worst-case scenarios should have been planned for, by agreeing to these terms you forfeit the right to attempt to hold us liable or claim any costs back.

Substitutions / Changes

Clients can make substitutions or changes up to four (4) working days before the event start date but no more than 3 times.

Substitutions or changes can include, times, locations, candidates etc.

There is an admin charge of £35 per substitutions.

You must be able to supply all the information in a timely manner to allow the change to be processed, otherwise the event will be cancelled with full charges applicable. The substitution will count as a new booking and will be under the same terms and conditions as these.

Prerequisite guidelines for candidates and clients

Medical/Drugs and Alcohol screening evidence must be provided where stated- it is compulsory prior to participation on the course that candidates without acceptable medical compliance will be unable to proceed or have this administered during the course. (If a non-railway course / assessment this is not required but candidates are still required to arrive not under the influence of any illegal substance(s) or alcohol)

It is the responsibility of the candidate/client to ensure the prerequisites identified in the Joining Instructions and or other documents sent are met for any course. Clients are also responsible for ensuring that the backgrounds of candidates are suitable for the event that they are attending. Candidates are required to be punctual at all courses and sessions.

Prerequisites need to be adhered to, and we reserve the right to refuse to accept anyone for events. In all such cases, the full course fee remains payable.

It is the sponsors responsibility to understand each assessment or training events requirements before booking a candidate on them. Richardson Rail will try and identify potential issues prior to them arising however this is not guaranteed.

We will also check a candidate’s sentinel profile before accepting a booking, and a booking will only be completed if the candidate is displaying the needed pre-requirements. If the competencies lapses before the assessment booked date this will be down to the sponsor and not Richardson Rail Services ltd. Although we will try our best to identify exp dates it is not a guarantee and is the primary sponsor responsibility.


All fees are subject to the current rate of VAT. Valid exemptions only will be granted.

Replacement of Richardson Rail Services Limited issued certificates

Duplicates of any lost or damaged certificates will only be issued after Richardson Rail Services Limited is in receipt of a report containing the following information:

A charge of £35 will be made to cover the administration cost of issuing a duplicate certificate.

Duplicated certification charge is also applicable to new issued certification in the event of upskilling. For example, to remove ‘Under Mentor’ off of your certificate and have a new one issued.

Transfer and collection of personal data

By accepting theses terms, you also agree that you understand and consent to Richardson Rail collecting, storing and sharing personal data on yourself (or the candidates you are responsible for) for the sole purpose(s) of delivering training & assessments, showing the level of competency achieved and or ensuring that no identification fraud has taken place prior to an event held by Richardson Rail.

You also acknowledge and accept that Richardson Rail Services cannot be held any way responsible or accountable for the theft of your data by any third-party person(s) if they get hold of your data by means of your competency card and/or any online competency profiles provided for you.

If there is any concerns or issues in regards to your personal data please contact us immediately and we will assist where possible.

Conduct on events

Candidates are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner when they attend any event or service lead by Richardson Rail Services whether it is held at our premises, a premises owned or provided by the client or on railway infrastructure.

We expect all persons to be treated with respect no matter if they are the person taking the event or a fellow candidate on the event. We will not tolerate any form of abuse, be it physical or verbal, and if there are reasonable grounds, we retain the right to take legal action against any person/s who are in violation of the law, or the standards expected in the above document.

We believe this is very important as a safe work and learning environment is important, not only to ensure that candidates get the most from their sessions but as we believe safety is paramount and enjoyable sessions are what will make us stand out, we will work are utmost to keep these high standards.

If anyone is acting in a way that we deem is unfit we reserve the right to remove them from the premises and/or course, and they / their company will still be liable for all fees / costs.

Failed / Non-completed events

If an event is unable to be completed for any reason that is out of Richardson Rails or any member working on the behalf of Richardson Rails control (For example turning up to a COSS assessment with incorrect SWP details) then the event will be cancelled, and a refund will not be obligated due to our workforce still having attended and/or their time being booked up.

If an event is cancelled due to a candidate’s competencies no longer being valid this counts as a failed or non-completed event as defined in this document and is subject to the same conditions.

Completion of paperwork / applications for events

If the supporting paperwork is not completed in a timely manner, or there are faults on the paperwork provided to Richardson Rail Services then the event will be cancelled and/or booking process retracted. If this is after the booking form has been returned payment might still be obligated in line with the above terms.

Failed bookings following requests

If a sponsor or client requests an event to be booked, and Richardson Rail Services allocates an assessor to this event, it will then be subject to the terms of “Cancellations and Cancellation / Changing of Events by Richardson Rail Services”.

Meaning that if an event is cancelled or no longer required within the set number of times, then the requester is still liable for costs, subject to Richardson Rails discretion, this stipulation applies even if the a booking form is not returned or signed. If it is reasonable to assume the booker is wanting the assessment by communications sent by them.

Unassisted lookout warning – SSOW on NWR infrastructure

As a provider we believe that candidate and our staffs safety takes precedence over all else. As such, we will not allow our staff out on the infrastructure where the SSOW is unassisted lookout warning. This includes walking to / from site or working.

This is in line with NWR’s improvement notice that was issued to them by the ORR.

As such, any assessment that has this SSOW as the selected protection will be cancelled on site or in advanced of the assessment where the assessor is made aware.

It will in the first instance be the sponsor or the bookers responsibility to inform us, or cancel the booking if unassisted lookout warning is being used as they should be aware of our terms and conditions by agreeing to the booking.

However, if the booker fails to so It is then the candidate’s responsibility to inform the assessor of the SSOW at site. If the candidate does not inform the assessor of this prior to the assessor arriving at site, the assessment will still be chargeable at full rate.

If the candidate informs the assessor but is not aware of the new guidelines and stipulations required for working unassisted lookout warning and cannot produce evidence that they have done the adequate checks of their SSOW / SWP the assessment will be cancered and still fully chargeable.